At the age of 32, Bernard “Bren” Chong is already the accomplished owner of several businesses spanning all imaginable fields of interest like footwear, broadcast and digital communication and dining, among many others. With a degree in electronic communications engineering, Bren is living proof that one’s success may lie in roads outside of one’s education.

As the CEO of Synergy88 Studios, Bren is involved in all the processes the company carries out and gives direction to all its activities. Being the visionary, Bren not only asks what’s happening in Synergy88 but also sees what can still be achieved.

Aside from his entrepreneurial expertise, Bren is no stranger to animation. He is an avid collector of comic books and occupies the Batman Room in Synergy88 Studios. Bren admires Eastern animators and storytelling such as those behind Samurai X because they achieve what he loves about the medium - imparting values and ideas, such as humility, in a relatable and appealing manner.

“Animation is the future,” says Bren. His core philosophy is of continuous improvement and he views the local animation industry no differently. Bren believes that the balance between talent and leadership from excellent individuals is the recipe for success for Synergy88 Studios. “You can do anything with animation, anything you set your mind to.”