Synergy88 Studios is a full service studio that provides high end animation, rendering services, and digital content. Synergy88 Studios is capable of producing high-quality animation that can rival that of international companies. From story to screen, Synergy88 Studios material is unmatched in the Philippines. Given the history of Filipinos in animation, the Philippines have proven itself to be an inexhaustible source of talent in this growing global industry. With the prevalence of increasingly accessible digital technologies, the country is fast becoming a prime spot for animation. Synergy88 Studios is at the heart of this development with a competent roster of seasoned artists and passionate professionals.


Our company provides high-end animation for feature films, animation TV, video game cinematics. Using state of the art technology and the team’s mature talent pool, Synergy 88 animation is capable of producing Hollywood quality animation that can be called “Proudly-Pinoy”.


Synergy 88 has a mobile gaming and application development division which caters to clients looking to create mobile content. Games and apps can be used as marketing tools or platforms which can be integrated to the clients’ digital marketing efforts. In addition, the team also develops and maintains websites and provides data mining and analytics to study consumer behavior and develop insights.


Synergy Render Farm is the only render farm in Asia with an online mobile monitoring app. With the SYNERGIZER, you can wirelessly sync all your current render jobs to your mobile or tablet device and monitor the progress of your render jobs anywhere in the world with ease.


Driven by passion and the desire to allow artists to do what they love, the people behind Synergy88 Studios have turned a childhood love of animation and gaming into a thriving business. Animation occupies both the normal and fascinating stories of the Synergy88 members. It has been an integral part of their lives growing up and continues to offer an infinite amount of possibilities to be discovered. The growth of Synergy88 and its people will show that what it says about the local animation industry is true there is no shortage of opportunity and talent in the Philippines. The company sees itself producing its own films, breaking barriers with technique and narrative. Synergy88 is writing its own story, where it becomes a pioneer in the Philippine animation industry, and it will not hesitate to risk anything to bring these dreams to fruition.