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Toonboom (Corus Entertaiment) Representatives visit Synergy88
Wed, 10 Sep 2014

Synergy88 hosted two Toonboom Information-workshop sessions (May 27 and July 23rd). Jean Lechance and Stacey Eberschlag both traveled from sunny Montreal and braved the Philippine typhoon season to showcase Toonboom’s vector based technology. The Synergy88 team was impressed by their “one drawing’ animation technology and digital “storyboard to compositing” simplified pipeline. Stacey ( a veteran Canadian animation director/animator) gave a detailed breakdown on how a single drawing could be manipulated quickly and seemingly without effort to create a detailed animation. Stacey noted that "Mercury Animation (Ottawa) were currently producing 40 to 60 seconds of animation/animator per week.” Mercury (Ottawa) is currently the premiere Toonboom Studio in the industry.

Supa Strikas, Pioneering the New Wave of Digital Interactive Comics
Fri, 7 Mar 2014

Strika Entertainment, supported by Caltex and Adidas, the main sponsors of Supa Strikas, is making headway in the digital landscape of comic books. Historically, digital comics have been static, the original artwork for a printed comic simply placed on the web. Now, Strika Entertainment provides digital interactive comics that take full advantage of the potential for online comics to include sound, interactivity and animation for an experience that lives up to the platform.    Not only will Supa Strikas fans be able to read their favourite comics online, but they will hear the narration and watch the action unfold in the frames, becoming active participants in the reading experience. While this new story-telling medium does not seek to replace traditional comic books, it allows for the opportunity to place the product into the hands of anyone with a phone line. With the continuing growth of the Supa Strikas online fan base on sites like Facebook and Youtube, the digital interactive comics from Strika Entertainment hope to meet the audience demand for the next step in comic book entertainment.    Richard Morgan-Grenville, CEO of Strika Entertainment, stated that “With this new product we hope to widen our net of people who can enjoy a quality...

Phl, South Korea tie up for animation, game dev’t
Fri, 7 Mar 2014

By Lawrence Agcaoili (The Philippine Star) | Updated March 17, 2013   This after the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) established a partnership with the government of Korea to train Filipino animators and game developers.   Alvin Juban, president of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP), said in a statement that the partnership would allow the animation and game development sectors to market to potential clients here and abroad.   Global research firm MarketsandMarkets reports that the global animation and gaming market is expected to double to $242.93 billion in 2016 from $122.20 billion in 2010. Business ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1  Animation Council of the Philippines Inc. (ACPI) president Grace Dimaranan said the country’s animation and gaming sectors carry a large potential for the Philippine information technology and business process management industry.The participants took design and construction courses and skills in software program education. They also completed workshops on industry-specific skills such as graphics modeling, texturing and lighting, game art as well as programs such as 3D Max, Unity 3D, Java, and other e-learning packages. Udaundo, Javier, Sales and Macaspac were chosen from a group of recommended and certified...