Supa Strikas, Pioneering the New Wave of Digital Interactive Comics

Strika Entertainment, supported by Caltex and Adidas, the main sponsors of Supa Strikas, is making headway in the digital landscape of comic books. Historically, digital comics have been static, the original artwork for a printed comic simply placed on the web. Now, Strika Entertainment provides digital interactive comics that take full advantage of the potential for online comics to include sound, interactivity and animation for an experience that lives up to the platform.

Not only will Supa Strikas fans be able to read their favourite comics online, but they will hear the narration and watch the action unfold in the frames, becoming active participants in the reading experience. While this new story-telling medium does not seek to replace traditional comic books, it allows for the opportunity to place the product into the hands of anyone with a phone line. With the continuing growth of the Supa Strikas online fan base on sites like Facebook and Youtube, the digital interactive comics from Strika Entertainment hope to meet the audience demand for the next step in comic book entertainment.

Richard Morgan-Grenville, CEO of Strika Entertainment, stated that “With this new product we hope to widen our net of people who can enjoy a quality Supa Strikas entertainment experience. In a perfect world we would like every person on the planet to be able to enjoy the Supa Strikas in their home. This is another step towards that goal.”

With help from the Supa Strikas headline sponsor, Caltex, the third season of the Supa Strikas animation is being released in the latter half of 2012. The digital interactive comics give Supa Strikas fans fresh content while they wait for the new episodes to air.

By utilising the feature of HTML 5 to base the product off the web, owning an iPad or downloading the app to view the digital interactive comic will not be necessary. One can use any updated browser on any device to view the digital interactive comics, which will be available from 1st February 2012 in Malaysia and the Philippines across multiple devices at the same time, from smartphone to tablet to PC.

Keep watching the Supa Strikas Facebook page and the websites for more info: