Toonboom (Corus Entertaiment) Representatives visit Synergy88

Synergy88 hosted two Toonboom Information-workshop sessions (May 27 and July 23rd).

Jean Lechance and Stacey Eberschlag both traveled from sunny Montreal and braved the Philippine typhoon season to showcase Toonboom’s vector based technology. The Synergy88 team was impressed by their “one drawing’ animation technology and digital “storyboard to compositing” simplified pipeline.

Stacey ( a veteran Canadian animation director/animator) gave a detailed breakdown on how a single drawing could be manipulated quickly and seemingly without effort to create a detailed animation. Stacey noted that "Mercury Animation (Ottawa) were currently producing 40 to 60 seconds of animation/animator per week.” Mercury (Ottawa) is currently the premiere Toonboom Studio in the industry.