Synergy88 Digital Inc.

Art, Animation & Games


S88D is part of the Synergy88 group of companies and is a multi-platform Game Development Studio that cooks up Independent projects as well as serve gamified Apps & Web and other digital solutions. We create and look for local, regional, as well as globally targeted data-driven projects; combined with the optional flexibility to collaborate with Synergy88 Productions for Tri-media campaigns and Synergy88 Studios for full feature Animation works.

Keeping our goal of becoming the most celebrated Game Studio in the Philippines, the collective is also positioned to be a Game Accelerator, open to the opportunity of collaborating with other studios or production houses to get the best games out there...faster and better.

We can cover 2D-3D Games-Apps-solutions for mobile, PC, and web; while keeping sights on work for AAA console for mid term.

Synergy88 is a core member and mover of the Game Developers Association of the Philippines ( and the Animation Council of the Philippines.